Swim Lessons

Online Registration Begins on April 2nd!



Group Lessons 2019


Pick your classes and complete the online registration for swim lessons at the LFII Sun and Sail Club.  Classes meet Tuesday – Friday with no classes on July 4th.


LF2_Dolphin_LogoAre you looking for information on the Summer Dolphins Swim Team?  They are a booster club and handle their own registration, staffing, etc..  Please see their website at http://www.lf2dolphins.org.

Lake Forest II Teaching Policy:

  1. Only instructors authorized by the Association are permitted to use Association facilities for Association-sponsored instructional classes/lessons. No other persons will be allowed to teach instructional classes at any Association facility. All sign-ups and payments for classes must be done at the Association offices.
  2. Instruction of immediate family members is permitted. An immediate family member is defined as any person listed on a Member’s membership card application, in the homeowner’s file, as authorized to use the Sun & Sail Club under that membership

The Sun and Sail Club offers swim lessons only through the Dolphin Swim Team and the Aquatics Department.  For information about this policy please contact:

Argelia Jimenez
Recreation Manager, Lake Forest II MHOA
949-586-0860 x29

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Van tran says:

    My daughter is 2 can she attend the non parent and me class?

    1. Alisa says:

      Yes, if she is an “older” two and able to sit on the step while the instructor has other students out swimming. Thanks!

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