The Sun and Sail Club has a Diving Pool, a Lap Pool, a Baby Pool, a Jacuzzi, and an Adult Pool.

Currently all of the pools are open and heated, however lifeguards are off duty for the season.  They will return around Spring Break in 2018.

The Winter Dolphin Swim Team begins September 5 and practices Monday – Thursday 3:30 – 6:30 p.m. through April 13.  We will  have two lanes open for lap swimmers.

Click Here to See the Swimming Pool Rules

The Association’s insurance carrier allowed the re-installment of the Diving Board with the stipulation that it must be closed and secured when there are no lifeguards on duty.

Click the logo to link to the Dolphins web site for the most current information and schedules for the summer swim team program:


12 responses to “Aquatics

  1. 1. Can we please keep the pools heated for a month longer? It’s ridiculous that it’s going to be 99 degrees today and the weather is going to continue to be extremely hot, but the association pools that we pay for now have the heat turned off. It’s hot here throughout October as the kids never have to wear jackets for Halloween. It’s seems that families were not thought of when making this decision.
    2. Whose idea was it to work on the pools and keep everyone out for a week right before you turn off the heat? Why not do this necessary maintenance in November or December? Once again it appears that families were not considered when making this decision.

    • 1. The pools are all heated – the heat isn’t turned off on any of the pools. The pools are heated through October, and possibly longer if the new cogen heating system saves energy as expected. As the website notes above – all pools are open and heated right now and will be through October.

      2. I can assure you that we consider families when we make decisions that affect everyone. Unfortunately, in this case we needed to do work on the pool filters to comply with recently approved legislation. We had a deadline to complete the modifications by, or the Association could face fines. We did the work as late in summer as we could without running the risk of penalties assessed by the Health Department. We were able to get the pool drained, the filters changed as required, and the pool filled and heated as quickly as possible to minimize the inconvenience while remaining in compliance with the Health Code.

      Thanks for your questions and have a great day!

    • What time of day were you at the pool – I can check the digital heating logs. It was heated – perhaps you felt it wasn’t warm enough? We keep that pool around 83 degrees. I just checked and it is 83.2 right now. That pool is controlled through this great new system that have that monitors chemicals, pH, temperature, and cost savings with the new cogen unit that has replaced traditional electric heaters.

    • The pools are now heated year round. The pools were heated through the winter and are good to go!

  2. Do you have a Mommy and Me swim class? My son is 8 months old, and I would love to get him in a swim class ASAP. Thanks in advance!

    • We do have Parent/Child swim lessons, however our swim lessons don’t begin until June 20th. Thanks for asking!

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