Personal Training

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Introducing the Driven F.I.T. Method at Lake Forest II!

It means “Fun, Interactive, Training” and it is designed to increase strength and stamina while helping you melt away excess pounds and build long, lean muscle.  Exercise shouldn’t be boring. Your trainer shouldn’t be just putting you through the paces.  It should be fun!  Whether you are in a private session or in a group class, You should be interacting with your trainer, with your classmates and with your environment…whether we are in the gym or outside by the lake.  Your workouts will never be the same and they will always be FUN! You should leave each and every session feeling motivated, inspired…and SWEATY!

Under the direction of Erica Roselius, Certified Personal Trainer and Fitness Nutrition Specialist, Driven Fitness is now offering group classes and personal training at the club.  Do you have an old injury or chronic pain?  Don’t worry!  Classes are suited for all shapes and sizes and exercises can be modified for most abilities.  And of course, personal training sessions always focus on your unique needs and goals.

Stretchletics – Our unique 45-minute class fuses movements inspired by yoga, dance and functional anatomy and is designed to help clients find physical and mental balance.  Instructors pair dynamic and static stretching techniques to loosen and lengthen tight muscles, increasing flexibility and range of motion while decreasing injury risk.

Don’t delay!  Start your journey to a better body and a better summer today!  Call Erica at 949-285-3431 or email her at

NEW CLIENTS ~ COME TRY US OUT! Purchase our “Ignition” package and you get to try unlimited classes for two weeks for only $25!  Contact Erica to get started with a free phone consultation.

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