Comedians Announced for this Friday!


Frances Dilorinzo is back with new funny friends and a full night of top-notch comedy! Frances just returned from her third visit with Warren Buffet and is trying not to leave her husband for him! Her second appearance on ABC’s Comic’s Unleashed will soon air, and she continues to perform for major cruise lines around the world!

JASON LOVEjason_love1

A pretty face and funny, too! Jason Love knows how to laugh at himself and brings his audience along for the ride. He is funny, likeable, and charming! Jason is a favorite in Las Vegas, has appeared on Comedy Central, and does not garden because his nails would get dirty!

If you like characters, attitude, energy, and hilarity…there is no doubt you will love Mike Wilson. Mike is a seasoned impressionist and weaves his characters into well-written jokes. He is a comic workaholic traveling non-stop to entertain audiences everywhere. He has appeared on all the major networks and his voices have been featured in commercials nationwide.

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